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Alpine Lakes Legislation

Alpine Lakes Area Management Act (1976).pdf301.23 KB, Wilderness Act.pdf97.43 KB Document

Federal Agencies

Snow Lake draft EA.pdf1.64 MB, Snow Lake notice.pdf607.22 KB, Snow Lake 2d Draft EA.pdf7.57 MB Document

Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatchery summary judgment (1-9-17).pdf69.15 KB, Fish Hatchery permanent injunction (5-3-17).pdf80.58 KB Document

Court Decisions

Fish Hatchery summary judgment (1-9-17).pdf69.15 KB, Fish Hatchery permanent.injunction (5-3-17).pdf80.58 KB, High Sierra Hikers Ass'n v. US Forest Service.rtf354.34 KB Document

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Wild Salmonid Policy (1997).pdf162.32 KB Document

Chelan County

Optimization - grant application.pdf35.04 KB Document

City of Leavenworth

Water System Plan (2011).pdf1.59 MB, Leavenworth v. DOE - Joint Position Paper (Jan. 2013).pdf2.33 MB, Water Supply & Distribution report (2015).pdf204.5 KB, Consumer Water Report - 2015.pdf183.14 KB, Leavenworth v. DOE - Joint Status Report (March 2016).pdf175.26 KB Document

Icicle Work Group

Eight Mile Lake Storage Authority - Aspect (3-5-14).pdf3.69 MB, Icicle Conservation Plan Survey - Aspect (11-20-14).pdf132.51 KB, LNFH IFIM Study (9-10-13).pdf3.65 MB, IWG IF Comm Presentation (7-20-14).pdf610.02 KB, LNFH Target Flows Report (2004).pdf665.93 KB, WUA Chart - IWG IF Comm Presentation (7-20-14).pdf44.6 KB, Power Point presentation 1-14-15 (3).pdf3.73 MB, Appraisal - Eightmile Lake Storage (March 2015).pdf5.19 MB, Appraisal - Alpine Lakes Optimization and Automation (3-20-15).pdf7.16 MB, Map and graphs (10-02-15).pdf287.67 KB, Icicle Strategy Brochure.pdf2.79 MB, Icicle Strategy Q&A.pdf700.83 KB, Icicle Strategy recap.pdf659.22 KB, Ecology to IWG letter (06-01-15).pdf114.78 KB, Original IWG Operating Procedures (May 2014).pdf51.56 KB, Revised Operating Procedures (7-2-15).pdf365.47 KB, Determination of significance.pdf546.93 KB, SEPA Checklist.pdf2.01 MB, SEPA Responsiveness Summary (5-18-16).docx63.55 KB Document

Non-Governmental Independent Analyses

Icicle Instream Flow Benefits analysis (July 2013).pdf406.93 KB, History of Leavenworth fish hatchery and canal (Jan. 2014).pdf4.14 MB, Water Demands on Icicle Creek (6-5-16).pdf311.5 KB Document

Alpine Lakes Protection Society (ALPS)

Declining IWG membership (2-19-14).pdf129.55 KB, Wilderness concerns (3-5-15).pdf110.7 KB, Scoping comments (5-11-16).pdf396.25 KB, Scoping comments - supplemental (10-31-16).pdf197.66 KB, Concerns about IWG (6-19-17).pdf175.85 KB, Snow Lake comments (10-17-17).pdf246.04 KB, Comments on DPEIS (7-30-18).pdf402.86 KB Document

Center for Environmental Law & Policy (CELP)

Wenatchee Rule Talk Points (July 2007).pdf118.28 KB, Comments re LNFH Water Rights (7-28-08).pdf230.2 KB, CELP-Sierra Club LNFH 401 Cert Comments (12-18-09).pdf267.65 KB, IWG Invitation to CELP (11-6-12).pdf145.07 KB, Letter re Icicle Workgroup (7-3-13).pdf214.1 KB, Request for info to IWG (1-15-15).pdf36.27 KB, Conservation Alternative (2-17-15).pdf78.79 KB, Dispute Resolution Statement (6-26-15).pdf75.06 KB, Memo to IWG re Conservation Potential (7-7-15).pdf1.07 MB, IWG Resignation (7-20-15).pdf75.85 KB, CELP-WFC Comments LNFH Draft 401 Cert (9-15-17).pdf1.68 MB Document

Other Conservation-Environmental Groups

Western Lands Project (3-2-15).pdf201.92 KB, Trout Unlimited Scoping Comments (5-4-16).pdf2.18 MB, Harriet Bullitt resignation from IWG (5-26-17).pdf98.07 KB, Alpine Lakes Foundation comments on DPEIS (7-25-18).pdf421.96 KB Document